Meet the Offtoa team


Al Davis, President and CEO

Al Davis has more than 35 years’ experience in strategy, R&D, marketing & sales, finance, and technology. He is both an executive and an academic. Prior to co-founding Offtoa, he was president of an internet company that enabled consumers to donate a percentage of their online purchases to their favorite charity – at no cost to them; co-founded a software company whose assets were sold in 2002; was a founding board member of a startup acquired in 2003; and was a VP at another startup that went public in 1995.

He has held professorships in Australia, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Africa, Spain, and the USA. He was Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Software from 1994 to 1998. Dr. Davis has published 100+ articles in journals, conferences and trade press, and lectured 2,000+ times in 28 countries. He is the author of 6 books. In his spare time, he enjoys international travel, eating unusual foods, poker, and photography.


Michael Davis, Vice President and Co-Founder

Michael Davis has successfully built three companies in the gourmet food industry. He has nearly a decade of experience sourcing, marketing, selling, and making epicurean delights for his customers.

As an entrepreneur and founder of more than one startup himself, he knows that it’s crucial to understand the levers that allow a business to be both financially viable and to grow. Michael co-founded Offtoa and helped program the initial release. He offered guidance for future releases and as an active small business owner is able to provide real world consulting for feature implementation and product design. When not working, Michael spends his time helping others with their businesses, working on his house, and touring the culinary scene of Denver, CO.


Quinn Capen, Director of Development

Quinn Capen has a diverse background in the software industry. In addition to operating his own software engineering consulting business for 15 years, he has spent the last 24 years to mastering mainframe manufacturing applications, desktop applications, and web applications for companies of all sizes in various stages of development.

He has been a non-profit Board member for 13 years for several organizations focused on the arts and young child education. In his leisure time he enjoys skiing, cycling, pinball (playing, restoring, designing), cooking, and photography.


Nicola Roark, Marketing Consultant

Nicola Roark brings 20 years of operations and marketing leadership in the financial services, healthcare and technology industries. She has both B2B and B2C experience strategically planning, launching, managing and measuring marketing campaigns.

Nicola operates her own business as a marketing strategist, particularly in the areas of brand awareness, copy writing, product marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing. She enjoys being involved with her alma mater as a career coach and mentor to graduating students. For fun she enjoys cycling, traveling and reading and spends a lot of time at ice hockey rinks watching her sons.


Oanh Le, Marketing Consultant

Oanh Le comes from a varied artistic background. Having grown up drawing and painting at a young age, she has learned to use her creative eye to enhance her years of work in graphic design.

In addition, she has been advancing her career in marketing by working with several different industries, particularly on improving marketing strategy and designing promotional advertisements. With a growing passion in film as well, Oanh is dedicated toward the creation and promotion of captivating video visuals. In her spare time, she enjoys travel, outdoor recreation, and creating art.