* Billed $12.00 monthly (minimum)

    • Storage for 1 plan included in monthly fee.
    • Additional storage available (up to 10 plans/scenarios) for an additional fee (pay only for what you use each month)
    • No long-term commitment pay month-to-month and only for what you use. A great way to get started with Offtoa.
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    * Billed $228.00 annually

    • Storage for 2 plans/scenarios


    * Billed $348.00 annually

    • Storage for 10 plans/scenarios
    • Ideal for lean startups as there is enough storage to pivot multiple times
    • Our most popular choice!


    * Billed $468.00 annually

    • Storage for 100 plans/scenarios
    • Plan folders to keep your many plans organized

All Subscriptions Include the Following Features:

  • Step-by-step guidance walks you through all the steps of defining and refining your business strategy
  • Automatic generation of financials including a cap table
  • Detailed analysis of financial statements, cap table, and investor returns. We'll even tell you what to change in your business strategy to fix any problems we find
  • Offtoa Scoreboard displays your company's financial health in 14 ways
  • Email support
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